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APPLICATION - The Windmaster® Aqua-Breeze range of Evaporative Coolers are designed to effectively cool most commercial and industrial applications like schools, retail centres, offices and warehouses. Keep your workforce satisfied inside a clean and cool working environment and ensure increased levels of productivity. Aqua-Breeze is also recommended to efficiently cool domestic applications.


   Continuous supply of clean fresh air.
   Uses natural elements to cool.
   Transforms stale sticky heat into pleasantly cool levels.
   Filters outside air.
   Low running cost.
   Reduced maintenance cost.
   Doors and windows may remain open.
   Low capital outlay.


  Unique (anti block) water distribution reservoir with water management system for automated cleaning.
    Long life and efficient CELdek pads.
    Low noise with high performance.
    Reverse option to extract hot unwanted air
    LCD wall controller with remote control.
    Pre dust filters available.
    Pre cooling feature to prevent dust entering on start up.
    Adjustable temperature

Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Cooler

Beat The Heat Effectively

DYNAMICS OF Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Cooler:
Aqua-Breeze instantly cools and filters air before circulating it throughout a building by passing hot air through saturated and moisture laden CELdek filter pads. This process dispels sticky heat and odours and significantly lowers the temperature to a pleasant and comfortable level.


Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Cooler Technical Details

    1. Computerized Controls – MITSUBISH inverter IGBT module –saves more energy than normal Evaporative Cooler.
    2. Strong UV Resistant casing.
    3. Motor – High quality sealed waterproof aluminium motor.
    4. Water Pump – Air cooled motor – dry run protected.
    5. Drain Valve – long life. Drains dirty water out of cooler automatically.
    6. Cellulous Pads – Quality material – long life – high evaporation efficiency.
    7. LCD Wall Controller – Displays the following – Temperature , humidity ,on/off, date/time clock – remote control included.
    8. Inlet valve – extra built in filter.
    9. Extra dust filter – easy to remove and clean- prevents dust and insects entering.


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