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Angry Bird - Bird Repellent

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Environmental Friendly Bird Control Device


Bird Control, Bird Repellent, Bird Control Ventilator

Click here to download Bird Repellent Ventilator Brochure (1930 KB)


   Light weight ABS plastic construction
   Bright Chrome Reflector
   Non Corrosive
   Compact Design


   Low cost
   Uses natural forces to operate
   Maintenance free
   "Add on" Product. (Fits on most turbine ventilators)

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How it works

The Angry Bird is designed to fit on top of a turbine ventilator. The inconsistent rotating action of the roof turbine ventilator and the unique "stealth like"design of the Angry Bird cause reflection of sunlight at various angles and speed. This action irritates birds in close range, resulting in scaring off unwanted birds effectively.

The positioning of the Angry Bird should be in such a way that the maximum reflection
irritates birds both East and West


   Schools, offices, factories and houses where infesting birds are becoming irritable which also could result in health risks.
   Agricultural application such as vineyards and crops where infesting birds causes losses to production output.
   General application for drawing attention to a specific point, e.g. signboards etc.

Product Options:
Angry Bird Solo: ("add on") Simply attach the Angry Bird on top of your existing turbine ventilator by means of glue, rivets or screws. Ensure that the Angry Bird is centred and that the fixing method is waterproofed. To be used as an "add on" to existing turbine ventilators resulting in ventilation and bird repellent in one.
Angry Bird Roto: This option includes the rotor that is attachable to various sizes poles (50mm - 250mm) and parapet walls. Mostly used for the sole purpose of bird repellent e.g. Agricultural, specific problematic areas of pest infested birds. It also can be used for drawing attention to a specific object e.g. signboard
Angry Vent: This option includes a complete Tornado Turbine Ventilator to be mounted on most roofs. It also includes the base plate and adjustable throat for this purpose. The Angry vent will ventilate your roof void as well as scare off unwanted birds. The all-in-one solution.

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