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Determine the quantity of Tornado turbine ventilators required to ventilate a specific application effectively.

Step 1

Calculate the volume of the building.

Total volume:   m3

Step 2

Determine the rate of air flow required for your specific application.
The rate of air flow is measured in air changes per hour.
Air changes per hour is the volume of air that needs to be replaced with fresh air every hour.
Determine the rate of air changes required for your specific application indicated in the ACH Table.
(Refer to ACH table below calculation table).
e.g. Factories and Workshops = 4 - 6 air changes required. Average air changes = 5.

Step 3

Multiply the volume (step 1) by the number of air changes required (step 2).

Volume:   m3

Step 4

Determine the size and quantity of Tornado turbine ventilators required for the above application.
Total volume of air (step 3) divided by the extraction capacity of the specific Tornado Turbine.

It is recommended that the Tornado turbine ventilators to be equally distributed across the ventilation area to ensure effective ventilation.

Please use this table as a guideline to your calculation