Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Coolers


Windmaster Aqua Breeze

The Windmaster® Aqua-Breeze range of Evaporative Coolers are designed to effectively cool most commercial and industrial applications like schools, retail centres, offices and warehouses.

Keep your workforce satisfied inside a clean and cool working environment and ensure increased levels of productivity. Aqua-Breeze is also recommended to efficiently cool domestic applications.


Industrial Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Coolers

Domestic Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Coolers

Aqua-Breeze instantly cools and filters air before circulating it throughout a building by passing hot air through saturated and moisture laden Celldek filter pads. This process dispels sticky heat and odours and significantly lowers the temperature to a pleasant and comfortable level.


  • Continuous supply of clean fresh air.
  • Uses natural elements to cool.
  • Transforms stale sticky heat into pleasantly cool levels.
  • Filters outside air.
  • Low running cost.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.
  • Doors and windows may remain open.
  • Low capital outlay.


  • Unique (anti block) water distribution reservoir with water management system for automated cleaning.
  • Long life and efficient CELdek pads.
  • Low noise with high performance.
  • Reverse option to extract hot unwanted air
  • LCD wall controller with remote control.
  • Pre dust filters available.
  • Pre cooling feature to prevent dust entering on start up.
  • Adjustable temperature


  1. ell Deck Pads
  2. Inlet Solenoid
  3. Electronic Dump Valve
  4. PC Board EC/KD Invertor Control
  5. Motor Invertor EC/KD 1.1kW
  6. Float Switch EC/KD (Part F)
  7. Water Pump EC/KD