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IS YOUR BUSINESS COVID-19 READY? Get your workplace ventilation ready for COVID-19, for factories, schools, offices, healthcare or your home. READ MORE INDUSTRIAL ROOF VENTILATION Ideal to ventilate factories, workshops, warehouses, agricultural applications, schools, hostels, change houses, assembly halls etc. Read More Industrial Roof Ventilation System DOMESTIC ROOF VENTILATION Wind creates a flow of air through the throat of the Tornado to enhance extraction. Read More Domestic Industrial Roof Ventilation System POWA-BREEZE – AXIAL FANS Powa-Breeze insures continuous flow of fresh air on demand, eliminating extreme dust, heat and gas build-up, creating pleasant working conditions in the workplace. Read More Powa Breeze AQUA-BREEZE EVAPORATIVE COOLERS Keep your workforce satisfied inside a clean and cool working environment and ensure increased levels of productivity. Aqua-Breeze is also recommended to efficiently cool domestic applications. Read More CHIMNEY CHAMP VENTILATION Designed to extract smoke from braai areas and fireplaces. Read More Chimney Champ Windmaster Chimney Champ FIRE RATED VENTILATOR Backdraft is a fire rated Turbine Ventilator designed and tested
to extract excessive smoke from a building in case of fire.
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