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Frequently Asked Question for the Chimney Champ


What size should I use?

The Chimney flue size must not exceed the throat size of the product by more the 20%. The reason for this is that the flue will be choked and the ventilator will be overworking the allowed ventilation area resulting in poor performance.

The ideal would be 300mm flue and 300mm ventilator. Visa versa with smaller size flues.

How high should the CC be installed from the fire?

A minimum of 3.5m. The higher the ventilator the better the extraction. I is also advised that the ventilator should not be exposed to direct fire and will fail should this be done at long intervals. The CC is designed to extract excessive smoke from the chimney and will be most effective further from the fire by creating a draft of extraction.

What is the base plate?

The Base plate or flashing is the mounting plate of the CC. It also insures waterproofing. The base plate will cover the outside of the chimney flue and will be the support of the ventilator. Ensure that there are adequate space around the chimney flue to secure properly.

Can the bearing be changed in case of damage?

Yes, the bearing housing assembly can be replaced and will be available from the supplier. Refer to the CC technical info.

Is the CC guaranteed?

Unfortunately due to the installation variables, limitations of the product, and the unforeseen abuse of the product it cannot be guaranteed.

Is the CC a DIY product?

Yes, a complete installation video is available on the website. Also, QR code available on the packaging and base plate of the product directed to easy installation guide.

Can the CC be installed on outside braais?

Yes, as long as the chimney is higher than 3.5m the Chimney Champ will work perfectly for outside braais.

Can the CC be installed on pizza ovens?

Preferably not. The constant heat is not good for the bearings and will seize some time.

Why does my CC have scratches?

Small scratches can occur from the manufacturing process. This will not affect the longevity of the Chimney Champ.

Troubleshooting for the Chimney Champ


There is still excessive smoke downdraft present

  • The Chimney Champ is installed too low. The chimney needs to be extended to a minimum of 3.5m above the fire.
  • The chimney flue could be too big/small for the ventilator. Flue not to exceed 25% of the ventilator size.
  • The design of the braai is not up to standard. The mouth or opening of the braai is too big and smoke is escaping the chimney. Baffle plate should be installed to illuminate the problem.

The bearing is making a squeaking noise

The bearing has been damage due to over exposure of too much heat. Replace the bearing assembly as per technical information on the website.

Water is entering the chimney

The base plate needs to be waterproofed by adding silicone around the fixing area.