Back Draft Fire Rated Ventilator


Fire Rated Turbine Ventilator

The Backdraft range is Windmaster International’s latest addition of progressive innovation. Backdraft is a fire rated Turbine Ventilator designed and tested to extract excessive smoke from a building in case of fire. It will contain the fire and maintain a safe smoke level in accordance with the EN standards.

This ensures that people will escape the disastrous effect of suffocation by smoke inhalation during fire in a building.

The Backdraft turbine ventilator is not only a lifesaving safety device but also a natural ventilator that ensures positive airflow for day to day ventilation in your building.

Concept & Construction

A major benefit of the Backdraft turbine ventilator is that it requires NO maintenance, unlike other smoke ventilators. It is a low cost solution and provides more advantages than standard static smoke ventilators.

The unique patented design of the bearing system withstands and maintains temperature of 300 degrees Celsius for a period of 30 minutes, as per fire regulation codes. Tested and proven, the Backdraft range of turbine ventilators will suit your needs for effective positive day to day ventilation and at the same time provides you the peace of mind of a reliable lifesaving device that you can depend on.

The rotating action of the Backdraft smoke ventilator ensures continuous extraction of heat and smoke in case of fire, maintaining a clear safe smoke layer.

Benefits & Features

  • Approved Fire rated natural ventilator
  • Tested extraction
  • Special patented fire and heat resistant bearing system
  • Full benefit of constant natural and smoke ventilation
  • Proven reliability
  • Positive continuous extraction
  • No maintenance
  • Low cost solutions
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Bird proof
  • ISO 9001 quality certification

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