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Frequently Asked Question for the BadBirdy


Will the unit work when there is no sunshine?

The unit will only reflect if the sun is shining.

Do birds become familiar with the device after a while?

As long as the flashes are visible, birds will not get used to the device. This is because the most sensitive part of the bird is their eyes. They will look for blind spots where the flashes are not visible.

How long will the unit be effective?

The BadByrdie needs to be cleaned once every 4 months to ensure maximum effectiveness. The unit does come with a 3 year warranty (Ts and Cs apply).

Will the BadByrdie scare away all birds?

No. There are many birds that can be very stubborn and refuse to move from their nesting spots. We focus on reducing bird infestations. If you want to completely get rid of birds you will need to make use of a combination of bird control products.

How effective is the BadByrdie?

On average the BadByrdie will get rid of between 60 – 70% of birds within a 3 – 4 meter radius